Our Founder, Mandy-Haeburn Little, worked for over nine years developing a business model in Scotland which became a unique nexus between Law Enforcement, business, academia and Government. The concept is to create and implement affordable solutions that reduce risk and increase protection for business resilience against fast evolving new threats in the digital era.

On announcing her departure from her role as CEO of the Scottish Business Resilience Centre in 2019, Mandy received a cross party commendation from the Scottish Parliament for her outstanding contribution to the business sector as well as for her transformational leadership.

During her time at the SBRC Mandy was also seconded to the Mayor’s Office in London where, working with private sector partners and Law Enforcement, Mandy established the London Digital Security Centre.

BRIM was established in 2019 and within the first week of 2020, it was announced that BRIM had been selected to deliver ten Business Resilience Centres across the UK in collaboration with Police UK following an extensive EU tender procurement process. The model for these Centres was produced by Mandy who wrote and implemented a 12 point modular process to support all the necessary business implementation for each of the Centres. This modular approach ensures consistency of approach, whilst delivering core agreed standards of training to both regional University students working with business as well as providing training support to Police colleagues.

The Centres all work very closely with IASME, the accrediting body for Cyber Essentials and promotes the IASME Trusted Partner network of assured cyber security companies.

The Centres also work very closely with the Protect network of cyber Police through the Regional Organised Crime Units (ROCUs).

The rest, as they say, is history, you can read more about our wider team here