To help all businesses become more cyber resilient, we offer national membership packages for larger enterprises with offices across the United Kingdom. National membership allows you to have membership across multiple Cyber Resilience Centres across different regions in the UK. This allows you to benefit from the individual expertise of each centre, including links to law enforcement and academia in the region. 

By supporting and developing the work of the Centres, National Members help improve the protection of the National supply chain and smaller businesses, as well as developing a highly skilled talent pipeline within the UK. National Member contributions are an extremely important ones.

If you are a bank, vendor or other national business who wants to benefit from this extensive network, a wealth of industry knowledge and the national talent pipeline development for expert guidance and advice, please check out our range of national membership options below.

Supporting 2-3 Centres nationwide

Supporting 4-6 Centres nationwide

Supporting 7-10 centres nationwide

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