Mandy has worked in the private sector throughout her career. She has worked extensively with companies facing significant challenges and has been recognised for her creativity in finding solutions to dilemmas, has an unparalleled network of contacts and has particular acute knowledge of the international cyber landscape as well as excellent socio-political knowledge.

Before founding BRIM in 2019, Mandy was the Chief Executive of the Scottish Business Resilience Centre for over nine years, working in direct partnership with the single police force, Police Scotland. Mandy developed a range of affordable, innovative services for small and medium sized businesses. Working with the students from Abertay University, Mandy conceived the business division of ethical hacking students, Curious Frank.

On announcing her departure from her role as CEO, Mandy received a cross party commendation from the Scottish Parliament for her outstanding contribution to the business sector as well as for her transformational leadership.

As well as leading and delivering the national Programme of Cyber Centres for Policing, Mandy is also part of the first Cyber City Deal team in the UK, sits on a number of National Policing initiatives and is working with business leaders to reenergise interest amongst young people in software skills.

In Scotland Mandy chaired the Cyber Expert group, the network of Trusted security partners, was the only independent Board member of the Scottish Crime Campus and sat on the Serious Organised Crime Force.

In 2020, Mandy received an award for her Outstanding Contribution to the Cyber Industry for her work involved with the Scottish Business Resilience Centre and her most recent project in establishing Cyber Resilience Centre's across the UK. 




Joanna brings an abundance of skill and expertise in business growth and stakeholder engagement which supports the commercial sustainability of Cyber Resilience Centres, as well as a successful track record in educating non-tech business leaders navigating security in a digital era.

With a background in commercial growth, educating business leaders on cyber resilience, leadership, including not for profit and having successfully founded and exited business serving high profile clients internationally, her extensive commercial experience enables law enforcement to work effectively with the SME community for improved resilience.

Having specialised in online security services prior to joining BRIM, Joanna is dubbed 'The Non-Tech for Techs'. Joanna has delivered engagement programmes for SMEs and cyber resilience Director education sessions for The Scottish Government and the Institute of Directors, as well as members of the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants. She supports Cyber Resilience Centres to learn how to do this effectively for their own business communities.

Joanna is passionate about the importance of positive Culture and Wellbeing within the Cyber community. She is a member of the Advisory Council to the School of Management and guest lecturer at the University of St Andrews; a Fellow of the Chartered Management Institute, and strategic advisor to Converge.



Kyle oversees the successful model of Student Services delivered by all Centres, developed in partnership with leading universities specialising in Cyber Resilience skills. He spearheads the nationwide team of Ethical Hackers and supports them to deliver high quality services, as well as take the first steps into their new fast track careers once ready to graduate.


Kyle mentors and develops the niche group of Chief Ethical Hacker (CEH) specialists, including, in turn, how they begin the journey of supporting the talent pipeline into Policing and the security industry.


Kyle was one of Mandy’s original hackers in 2013 and quickly developed an outstanding reputation for vision, delivery and a fun based approach to pushing student learning and has since seen his career flourish. He was headhunted, has worked with leading technical organisations, Regional Organised Crime Units (ROCUs) and has taught masters students technical cyber skills at Universities in the Middle East.  Kyle has also developed and led Police training in some of these areas and is passionate about the importance of ethics and positive behaviours online.  All this underlines how the model of fostering the nation’s top emerging cyber talent with real world security experience to support SME’s is effective.



Alan spearheads BRIMs special projects, a series of nationwide and international projects that address and develop the strategic impact of integrated working between business and law enforcement for improved cyber resilience.

Alan supports Police leads across the network of Cyber Resilience Centres in developing their skills on a journey of learning on commercial leadership whilst balancing highly sensitive security cases and service provision that their Centres provide the business community.

As a former consultant on the Critical National Infrastructure for leading technical organisations Alan saw his career flourish, providing private online security services for some of the worlds most famous names for over 15 years. Trusted at the highest levels for personal online protection from Senior officials to high profile artists, Alan has a track record of growing a commercial business that provided services internationally in tandem with delivering support services for highly complex law enforcement agencies in different countries. His experience has taught him how to master the balance of handling deeply sensitive, and often disturbing cyber cases whilst leading a client facing team to commercial success.

Award winner (2016) and finalist (2019) for his abilities in the cyber resilience community underlines his real world security experience, and his ability to foster the nation’s top talent in Cyber Resilience Centre leadership.

Alan is passionate about the importance of positive Culture and Wellbeing within the cyber community.



Fiona manages the operational support for Business Resilience International Management (BRIM). Scheduling the team across the UK and overseas to meet the needs of the Centres' support requirements and overseeing the operational efficiency that enables BRIM to provide high calibre services to UK Policing.  With extensive experience in multi-agency projects, this includes complex multi-diary management, client relations, office management, UK and international travel planning, as well as proposal coordination and report writing.


With a recent track record in Pharma and FinTech, Fiona supports the team to deliver operational efficiency in this very fast paced industry. Understanding the implications of information security in practice across both large and small organisations; both with and without in-house capability.


Fiona also has working knowledge of a variety of type of SMEs and industries, including; Finance, Tourism, Professional Services, Arts, Advertising, Engineering and Pharma. This experience provides additional support to Centres with a real grasp of the type of challenges member organisations of CRCs have on a daily basis.