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7 Key checks for a UK Cyber Resilience Centre website

The UK National network of Cyber Resilience Centres (CRC’s) which BRIM is rolling out for UK law enforcement is growing. Whilst each Cyber Resilience Centre has its own identity and will respond to regional specifics to meet the needs of local business, nationwide trusted recognition is crucial to all centres’ reputations and engagement levels.

From a user’s perspective, it is important to have a consistent and easily identifiable visual identity, so that they instantly know what the centre is and what it stands for. This also includes quality assurance aspects that give the recognition that the website is part of the UK law enforcement network.

Here is a checklist of key points to include in your centre’s website to support this and protect your status within this lead national law enforcement network:

7 Key Checks for a UK Cyber Resilience Centre website

1. Cyber Essentials Logo

Do you hold Cyber Essentials? And if so do you have the logo displayed on your website and a regular review schedule with your operational team for self-certification?

2. Policing Logos

Are you displaying the relevant Policing area and ROCU area logos in your footer? This is essential to show that you are recognised as part of the Police National Programme lead initiative, which is a symbol of trust for users.

3. Link to BRIM and its logo

BRIM has been appointed to develop the trusted network. By showing your connection to BRIM, users and companies who want to engage with more than one centre nationally can easily identify that you are part of the BRIM network, trusted by national Police regions and other key stakeholders.

4. Links to other live centres (CRC Network page)

Many companies want to engage with more than one centre. You will all drive traffic to one another, as well as growing your own engagement by demonstrating you are part of a trusted national network.

5. A section about the national network and BRIM

Significant media coverage is driving interest from businesses throughout the UK and internationally. Including copy about the BRIM engagement enables web visitors to quickly understand that your centre is related to what they have read about. This will, in turn, speed up new engagement and enquiries for you.

6. Link to IASME live status check for CE+ listing of the Trusted Partners you list on your site

Helping businesses to easily identify who is qualified to provide them with certification is key. As well as conveying the information from IASME, be sure to run regular checks that all your trusted partners are listed.

7. Appropriate link with clarity on what to do in an emergency/cyber attack to Policing

Make it clear to visitors where to go in an emergency, including out of hours. Feature Action Fraud contact details prominently.

By working together effectively, your centre’s marketing team will:

· Support the uptake of valuable NCSC tools

· Protect users by ensuring they understand when they are engaging with the trusted network of centres they seek, giving them the knowledge to easily distinguish a copycat site from the real thing.

The BRIM Team can help you with copy, sourcing the correct logos or developing your site’s content. Contact us for support.


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