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BRIM appointed by National Police Chiefs Council to establish the new National CRC Group

BRIM is delighted to announce its successful reappointment to provide expert consultancy services to the National Police Chiefs Council (NPCC) on the development of the National CRC Programme. Supported by the Home Office, this contract follows BRIMs successful delivery of a previous contract to establish a network of Cyber Resilience Centres (CRCs) across England and Wales to improve provision for, and engagement by, SMEs and supply chain in cyber resilience.

This new investment at national level for the long term sustainability of the not for profit CRC, has been welcomed by both public and private sectors.

A key element of this new engagement is for support in the creation of the new National CRC Group, an organisation that will be a conduit between business, the regional CRC network, government, policing and academia. Primarily, a critical supplier to the wider CRC Network. It will provide a single point of contact for multi regional engagements and develop resources to support long term sustainability of regional Centres.

National CRC Group will become part of a National strategy, putting cyber resilience at the heart of CSR and ESG strategies, supporting law enforcement and working together at a senior level between public and private sectors for public good.

The NPCC brings police forces in the UK together to help policing coordinate operations, reform, improve and provide value for money. Some of the biggest threats to public safety are national and international. We have a collective strength by coordinating the operational response across forces. Crime is changing and so are citizens’ needs and expectations of policing. We’re constantly adapting and reforming to keep people safe. It’s more important than ever that our service is efficient and effective providing best value for money.

National Police Chiefs Council

Alan Greig, Chief Executive at BRIM, acknowledged the high calibre delivery that the BRIM team has demonstrated on the previous contract for NPCC, notably throughout escalated and pressured conditions during the pandemic, and welcomed the new contract in recognition of skill and commitment from the team.

The BRIM Team is an exceptional collective of high calibre professionals which has demonstrated great ability and high value results for our clients. Working to best practice and international standards across both technical and management consultancy, we are delighted we have been engaged to deliver this new contract for NPCC. With cybercrime targeting at SMEs and supply chain spiralling, the establishment of National CRC Group will play a strategic role in national resilience

Alan Greig, Chief Executive, BRIM

Information about how you can engage with the new National CRC Group will become available in the coming months. You can register for updates from BRIM here.

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