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BRIM become signatories of the Tech Talent Charter

BRIM is delighted to have become a signatory of The Tech Talent Charter (TTC), a non-profit organisation promoting inclusion and diversity in the tech sector. They are committed to addressing the problem of underrepresentation across the sector, focusing on the why as well as the how, bringing communities together and driving change across the tech ecosystem.

  • 14% of the UK working population is from a Black, Asian or Minority Ethnic (BAME) background yet only 8.5% of senior leaders in the tech sector are BAME*

  • 19% of the UK working population has a disability yet only 9% of IT specialists in the UK have a disability**

  • Currently, just 16% of UK IT professionals are female*** and only one in ten females are currently taking A-Level computer studies.

The TTC is a hugely important organisation for the tech sector, given the historic lack of diversity in the industry. By signing up to the charter, BRIM is making a commitment to address and improve diversity across our business practices.

If you’re interested in signing up to the TTC, you can do so on their website. Here are some of the events that they’re planning for the remainder of the year:

  • The TTC Open Playbook hackathon will take place throughout November for subject matter experts to sign up and participate in. Details will be sent to TTC Principal contacts soon.

  • A new ‘Solutions Session’ is being piloted for Signatories in Lancashire on 14 October as part of Digital Leaders Week.

  • The ‘Doing it Anyway’ social campaign will launch before the end of 2020, targeting and encouraging UK women to retrain into tech roles.


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