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BRIM Founder Appointed as Vice-Chair of NCRCG National Ambassador Steering Group

Dr. Haeburn-Little, the founder of BRIM, was recently appointed Vice-Chair of National CRC Group's National Ambassador Steering Group. As the Executive Chair of BRIM, Mandy will also coordinate and drive the Steering Group's five key activity streams.

These workstreams, which will direct NCRCG's strategic outcomes, include increasing supply chain awareness of the cyber resilience centre (CRC) network, remaining a national voice for the SME community, and developing the Cyber PATH student talent pipeline.

More information about the National Ambassador companies that are assisting in the development of the UK's network of Cyber Resilience Centres can be found here. To date, this includes Microsoft, KPMG, NatWest Group, Accenture, CGI, Chainalysis, and Very Group.

Dr. Haeburn-Little, Founder of BRIM
Dr. Haeburn-Little, Founder of BRIM

You can read NCRCGs interview with Dr. Haeburn-Little about her new appointment here.


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