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BRIM is open for business and brimming with knowledge!

Business Resilience International Management (BRIM) is open for business and brimming with knowledge and resources for business resilience in this digital era. Following her departure from the Scottish Business Resilience Centre (SBRC), Mandy Haeburn-Little has founded and launched BRIM - and demand has seen month one get underway with a strategic agenda for UK law enforcement.

Mandy was recently recognised and praised in a motion raised in the Scottish Parliament for her accomplishments as Chief Executive of the Scottish Business Resilience Centre (SBRC), whose remit is to create an environment where businesses of any size and sector can trade securely.

As reported in the media ‘The acknowledgement, which followed the news that she would be standing down from the post in August, praised her “sterling work and inspirational leadership” under which the SBRC had undergone “a complete transformation, establishing itself as a hub of innovation and business improvement”.’

Mandy was engaged to advise on the creation of the London Digital Security Centre, a joint venture between the Mayor of London, the Metropolitan Police Service, and the City of London Police, based on the successful Scottish organisation’s model. Her structured approach to creation, management and governance of the model, adopting the success components of SBRC have been well recognised.

Applying her process was the genesis of BRIM.

BRIM is now engaged by UK law enforcement to advise on establishing business resilience centres in Greater Manchester, North East of England and Yorkshire with consistent strategic objectives to “protect communities, promote economic growth and overall safety” in each locality.

Additional UK and overseas requests are also currently being screened.

This video interview captures Mandy’s achievements at SBRC and plans for BRIM.


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