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BRIM Recognised as Data Trailblazer finalist in the 2023 Digital Tech awards

BRIM is honoured to be recognised for its innovative use of data to enable law enforcement to expand engagement with small and medium-sized businesses to improve cyber resilience.

Supporting the design and growth of a UK network of Cyber Resilience Centres for UK law enforcement, supported by the Home Office, BRIM has created and developed a unique tool that analyses growth performance and return on investment from marketing activity across ten police-owned not-for-profit companies. Assisting in the best value use of public sector investment in order to develop business resilience.

Joanna Goddard BRIM
Joanna Goddard, Growth Partner at BRIM

The growth expert partner at BRIM, Joanna Goddard, said, "The analysis of data, not reams of data in isolation, is what drives this. By analysing the effects of various physical and digital marketing activities combined, spend and resource allocation can be promptly adjusted to guarantee the highest level of engagement and best return on investment. This is crucial in order to facilitate the distribution of limited public resources and to reassure the private sector businesses that are supporting this innovative crime prevention programme in an effort to safeguard their own SME supply chains and customer bases."

Alan Greig BRIM
Alan Greig, CEO at BRIM

"This tool also enables us to have a good hold on capacity planning for the affordably priced services that Centres provide to small businesses and charities through the initiative's talent pipeline, continued Alan Greig, CEO of BRIM. This is a high value work place experience programme for the UKs top cyber students. Ensuring we have the appropriate capability and capacity well prepared protects quality service levels for small organisations, and ensures trained students are not kept waiting for this work experience opportunity.”

The ScotlandIS Digital Technology Awards, which are presented annually, showcase excellence within the industry rewarding the innovation, expertise and ambition of businesses large and small – and the people who drive them.

For more information about attending the awards, or to join ScotlandIS visit here Digital Tech 2023 - ScotlandIS

For more information about the Cyber Resilience Centre Network, visit here National CRC Group


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