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BRIM’s Joanna Goddard takes part in CyNam panel on cyber marketing

BRIM Business Resilience International Management Joanna Goddard supports CyNam on cyber marketing

Joanna Goddard, was a guest on a recent CyNam panel discussion, talking about the importance of effective communication and marketing between the cyber industry, businesses and third sector organisations.

The panel – hosted by Chris Dunning-Walton from CyNam – also featured Mark Moore, Director of SWCRC and Mark Adams, an independent cyber security expert. The discussion addressed the many challenges of marketing cyber resilience resources effectively to small businesses, especially now that cybersecurity is becoming more of a conversation point for businesses and third sector organisations.

Joanna spoke about the role of BRIM in helping to establish a network of Cyber Resilience Centres that both support businesses nationwide while establishing a reliable talent pipeline for the cyber industry. She said:

‘There’s an ongoing, high demand for cyber services. This programme both serves the businesses and serves the longer-term strategic problem solving of a really well-experienced talent pipeline coming through’

With more and more demand for cyber resilience services, and more businesses realising that a cyber resilience plan is an essential part of their business model, conversations like this are crucial in order to build trust with SMEs and establish a standard for cyber guidance, so that people know what they’re getting.

The language used around cyber security is key in boosting confidence in these services and, in turn, increasing the uptake from businesses in pursuing cyber resilience provisions. The panel agreed that addressing the understanding of cyber security in businesses and individuals across the UK is essential, as well as educating and developing the skills of future professionals in the industry to give businesses much-needed peace of mind.

You can watch the full panel discussion below.


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