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BRIM's Founder awarded 2021 Cyber Woman of the Year #CyberSecurityAwards

BRIM is extraordinarily proud to share the news that our Founder, and Executive Chair, Mandy Haeburn-Little has been crowned 2021 Cyber Woman of the Year at the Cyber Security Awards.

BRIM is sending congratulations to fellow winners and those highly commended; all making a significant difference to the development of the cyber industry.

Individual Categories Winners

Cyber Woman of the Year

Mandy Haeburn-Little, BRIM Highly commended: Gabrielle Botbol, Desjardins

Cyber Personality of the Year

Jim West, Highly commended: Phil Cracknell, Cordone Ltd

Cyber Newcomer of the Year

Dave Preece, Kensington Mortgages Highly commended: Jared Meit, Forward Security Inc.

Cyber Security Influencer of the Year

Clement Arul, Cybertronium Highly commended: Gary Hibberd, Cyberfort Group

Cyber Security Entrepreneur of the Year

Reuven Aronahsvili, CYE Highly commended: Joe Boyle, Salt Communications

CISO of the Year

Mohammed Al Doseri, Tasheel Finance Highly commended: Patrick Liu, Fusion Bank Ltd

Company Categories Winners

Cyber Security Financial Team of the Year

HSBC Fraud and Cyber Awareness App, HSBC

Cyber Security Software Company of the Year

Iris On watch®, Generali Global Assistance Highly commended: Picus Complete Security Control Validation Platform, Picus Security

Cyber Not For Profit Team of the Year

Cyber Security Challenge UK

Best Security Company of the Year- Over 150 Staff

Marken – a UPS company Highly commended: Semperis Highly commended: HUMAN

Best Security Company of the Year- Under 150 Staff

ITC Secure Highly commended: Pentest People

Cyber Awareness Plan of the Year

#BeReady Computacenter by Computacenter and blue goose

Best Security Product of the Year

Picus Complete Security Control Validation Platform, Picus Security

Cloud-Based Product of the Year

Secureworks Taegis XDR, Secureworks

Threat Detection Product of the Year

IronDome Collective Defense Platform, IronNet Highly commended: OnDMARC, Red Sift

Best Cyber Start-up of the Year

Strata Identity Highly commended: swIDch


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