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Director of Student Services and Police Training appointed at BRIM

Director of Student Services and Police Training appointed at BRIM as

Ethical Hacker success model expands nationwide

BRIM is thrilled to announce the appointment of our new Director of Student Services &

Police Training, Kyle Bowes, to our expanding team. Kyle will take the successful model of Student Services, developed in partnership with leading universities specialising in Cyber Resilience skills, out to the new nationwide Cyber Resilience Centres. He will spearhead the nationwide team of Ethical Hackers and support them to deliver high quality services, as well as take the first steps into their new fast track careers once ready to graduate.

As each CRC develops and they all appoint their own Chief Ethical Hackers (CEHs) to work directly with students in their region, Kyle will mentor and develop that niche group of CEH

specialists, including, in turn, how they begin the journey of supporting the talent pipeline into

Policing and the security industry.

Kyle was an original 2013 Ethical Hacker when the Cyber Resilience model was first created

in Scotland and has since seen his career flourish. He was headhunted, has worked with

leading technical organisations, Regional Organised Crime Units (ROCUs) and has taught

masters students technical cyber skills at Universities in the Middle East. All this underlines

how the model of fostering the nation’s top emerging cyber talent with real world security

experience to support SMEs is effective.

Notably for SMEs, often limited in their own skills and experience of navigating cyber services

in an unregulated market, this model enables them to:

  • Know immediately that this is a trusted model supported nationally by Policing

  • Buy affordable services in an ever increasing price prohibitive market

  • Learn about the procurement process in an affordable way before navigating the private sector

  • Develop their own commitment to CSR by supporting the development of the nation’s skill provision for the cyber industry

With an additional remit to train Policing personnel in the UK and internationally in technical

cyber skills, Kyle has been warmly welcomed by the Team and we look forward to the Services

development in the coming months.

Kyle commented

"I’m delighted to deploy the success of the Student Service model, where my own career began, now taking this internationally working closely with law enforcement. I look forward to sharing my experiences working internationally and within leading technical organisations to inform and inspire emerging university talent and established Policing networks.”

CEO Mandy Haeburn-Little commented

“Kyle was one of the original hackers to pass through our training and mentoring and so has made the journey himself. From when we started to expand the skills programme for students and to really develop their skills in line with changing business needs, we have seen Kyle pinpoint and then respond to business needs in a uniquely intuitive way. He is an outstanding example of an Ethical Hacker who really understands business and will lead and inspire students throughout the UK as well as representing the needs of Policing. Both Kyle and Joanna Goddard, our Director of Programmes, are developing a series of bespoke specialist masterclasses for Policing in addition to the core programme of work. “


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