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EMCRC Welcomes 200th Core Member

EMCRC BRIM Cyber Resilience

The UK’s growing network of regional Cyber Resilience Centres – which BRIM has helped establish – was created with the purpose of helping SMEs and sole traders around the country become more cyber resilient while raising awareness of the importance of cyber safety and strengthening the talent pipeline of cyber professionals for the future.

Is it therefore immensely rewarding to see the enthusiasm with which businesses across the country have engaged with their local Centres and their services, and it came as wonderful news to hear that our clients at the East Midlands Cyber Resilience Centre (EMCRC) recently welcomed their 200th Core Member – The Lovely Little Toy Shop!

The business became EMCRC’s 200th member after its founder, Sarah Robinson, attended a seminar hosted by NatWest, where she was made aware of the services offered to companies like hers by the EMCRC.

“I might never have known about the East Midlands Cyber Resilience Centre had Amber Launder, my local NatWest Business Growth Enabler, not invited me to attend the Hacking Prevention Masterclass.” Sarah said.
“I wanted to sign up for the course because the whole subject of cyber security and hacking is one that I don’t know much about, and I wanted to increase my knowledge and awareness of this area of expertise in order to protect my fledgling business from cyber threats – and I also feel I have a duty to protect my customers and their details too.’

As she prepares to launch her business online, Sarah now has access to support and guidance on keeping herself and her customers safe from fraud online, something which has been a particular problem over the course of the coronavirus pandemic.

“Cybercrime is rife these days and the criminals are getting ever more sophisticated with their tactics” she said. “My advice to other businesses is, if you have experts and a resource like this that you can access and benefit from, then why wouldn’t you use it?”

Detective Inspector Matt Carson, who leads EMCRC, said of the event:

“We are pleased that Sarah from The Lovely Little Toy Shop saw the real value in joining the centre as a free core member and, not only that, became number 200! It’s really encouraging that start-up businesses are understanding the importance of keeping their business safe online and more importantly, their customers.”

As a special prize for becoming their 200th member, Sarah is being given her choice of service free of charge, to help her get her business ready to launch.

Seeing so many SMEs understanding the value in improving their cyber resilience is testament not only to the need for a network of CRCs, but to the work that has gone into establishing them from policing, education and the private sector across the country.

Each regional CRC offers a Core Membership, so that businesses just like The Lovely Little Toy Shop don’t have to struggle in a world where cybercrime is more and more of a threat and a digital presence is also unavoidable.

The whole BRIM team wishes Sarah the best of luck with the launch of The Lovely Little Toyshop this year!

To find out more about the membership options at your local CRC, find your closest Centre on our Network page and visit their website.


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