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HOST partners with CRCGM on their new Security Operations Centre in Salford

HOST Salford BRIM Cyber Resilience Centre for Greater Manchester

It’s been an exciting time recently for our clients at the Cyber Resilience Centre for Greater Manchester Cyber (CRCGM), as they’ve partnered with HOST as part of their new Security Operations Centre to offer Cyber MOTs to SMEs in Salford.

HOST - The Home of Skills and Technology - is an innovation hub based at Media City, with an inclusive community of innovators in data, analytics, cybersecurity, AI and immersive technology. They’ll be offering an affordable cyber security subscription-based support service to SMEs innovating and adopting digital and cloud technologies.

The Cyber MOTs that they will be providing in partnership with CRCGM will be fully funded and available initially to businesses based in Salford, with exclusive membership also available to businesses located near Media City. They’ll include security awareness training and a cyber security assessment, to allow businesses to see where they are most vulnerable and how they can become more cyber resilient.

As well as helping businesses and their teams identify and prevent potential security issues and better understand the risks of cybercrime, the MOT will offer recommendations on recommendations on how to integrate security best practice.

Andy Beaden, co-founder of IN4.0 Group, said: “We are delighted to be working in collaboration with the Cyber Resilience Centre for Greater Manchester to help businesses in the region gain confidence in knowing that their operations have been thoroughly assessed for cyber threats, so they can take the appropriate actions to secure their business. Our Security Operations Centre is a perfect illustration of how public and private partnerships can forge a formidable infrastructure to support organisations to drive innovation and productivity, creating highly skilled jobs for local people.”

The UK government’s recent Cyber Security Breaches Survey revealed that nearly four in 10 businesses have reported a cyber attack, with the average cost to companies that have been hit by cyber attacks in the last 12 months estimated to be £8,460. With statistics such as these, there has never been a better time for businesses to invest in their cyber resilience and cyber awareness, something that this partnership will play a key role in facilitating for SMEs in the region.

Neil Jones, Director of the Cyber Resilience Centre for Greater Manchester, said “The Cyber Resilience Centre is excited to be working with HOST to deliver fully funded Cyber MOTs to help protect our business community from cybercrime. The cybercrime threat to SMEs has never been greater, with cyber criminals taking advantage of the pandemic to carry out damaging attacks on businesses of all sizes as they increasingly work online. Working in partnership is in our DNA and helps us provide trusted, government-backed, easily accessible and practical support where it’s most needed.”

For more information about the Cyber Resilience Centre for Greater Manchester and the services they provide, visit their dedicated website.


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