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Inside story: When a cyber attack unfolded in a UK school

This incredible listen gives you the inside story on what unfolded when a UK school faced a real live cyber attack in 2021, providing insights to the unlikely victims and how specialist negotiator support played a part.

Just imagine if this affected your school:

· They couldn’t open doors to access the building

· The pupil registers were inaccessible

· They couldn’t pay bills

· Their staff details were compromised

With over 50 schools effected almost instantaneously, affecting over 38,000 pupils in England, this BBC Radio 4 episode ‘Held to Ransom’ highlights why revising continuity plans and testing resilience in educational organisations is critical. You can listen to the episode here...

Our client teams in the UK within law enforcement, now running a network of Cyber Resilience Centres across England and Wales in partnerhisp with business and academia, are providing affordable and free of charge support to help schools and educational organisations improve their resilience.


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