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International SOS publishes 2021 Business Resilience Survey

Information security has been named one of the top five risks that the workplace will face in 2021, according to the latest Business Resilience Trends survey. The ‘Risk Report Outlook 2021’, published by International SOS, surveyed over 1,400 risk professionals across 99 countries to compile the list of most likely risks for the coming 12 months.

Unsurprisingly, the impact of COVID-19 this year has played a major role in the findings, with mental health and crisis management also making the top five. The full list was as follows:

  • Ecopolitical turbulence will exacerbate tensions, civil unrest and crime

  • Pandemic borne crisis management teams will redefine Duty of Care practices

  • The growing infodemic will increase demand for trusted sources of health & security information and advice

  • Mental health issues will be a primary productivity disruptor

  • Singular focus on COVID-19 will create risk blind spots

Read more about the report and access the International SOS’s latest risk map here.

The national network of Cyber Resilience Centres has been established as a dedicated port of call for businesses of all sizes seeking guidance and support with issues relating to cyber resilience and information security. Each centre offers a free Core Membership to help educate people on cyber resilience and response, as well as affordable services to assist application in their organisation.

Find your closest centre and learn more about their Core Membership and the services they provide on our network page.


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