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SECRC Director, Justin Torgout, guests on Fred McCauley and Cantium Podcast series

SECRC Justin Torgout guests with Fred McCauley exploring cyber resilience

Cyber Resilience: Buzz words or business culture?

That’s the topic under discussion on episode 14 of the Cantium podcast series ‘Work is not a place’, which is dedicated to exploring topics around home, remote and flexible working.

Host Fred McAuley and Cantium CEO, Mark Scott, spoke with Justin Torgout, Director of the South East Business Resilience Centre, about the Cyber Resilience Centre network and its role in promoting and supporting cyber resilience and awareness in businesses across the UK.

As well as the Centres themselves, Mark and Justin talk about the importance of the academic, Third and public sector partners in making cyber services available to all businesses, no matter how small they may be, and the importance of increasing awareness of cyber resilience and vulnerability among SMEs and supply chain organisations.

They discuss the steps that need to be taken to get cyber resilience into everyday conversations, and why all businesses should make it part of their culture.

You can listen to the podcast on Spotify, iTunes or through the Cantium website.

Find out more about SECRC and locate your closest CRC on our Network page.


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