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Security Awareness training with Student Services is the perfect way to mark National Password Day

National password day BRIM student services

With National Password Day coming up on the 7th of May, raising awareness of the importance of cyber resilience and protecting our digital identities, it’s the perfect time for businesses to invest a little time in affordable staff awareness training to promote cyber resilient habits in your workplace.

Each Cyber Resilience Centre in the England and Wales network offers cyber resilience awareness training through their Student Services, working with businesses to better understand their individual needs and inform their employees of best practices for cyber awareness in that particular organisation. By engaging Student Services, you are also supporting the development of a national talent pipeline. All services are overseen by leading commercial UK specialists.

The training uses real-world examples and no-nonsense, jargon-free language to appeal to those with little to no cyber experience whatsoever, relating it back to their individual companies and roles, which they know better than anyone. It’s an opportunity for staff to engage in an open dialogue with both their employer and your regional cyber resilience Student Services team, raising questions and promoting discussions that are relevant to your business.

The Student Services teams also run real-life risk scenarios for the companies in question, giving them examples of how cyber criminals could target your business or charity and offer solutions to help you prevent and recover from a potential attack. This is designed to give your team members confidence in the future to ask questions and speak up when they feel something isn’t right by engaging them with relatable situations that put cyber resilience in a context that feels meaningful for them.

To inquire about security awareness training for your organisation, contact your local Centre - you’ll find their website on our Network page.


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