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South East Cyber Resilience Centre latest centre to join the rapidly expanding UK Network

We are delighted to announce that the South East Cyber Resilience Centre will be the latest centre to join the rapidly expanding network of Cyber Resilience Centre’s (CRC Network). It joins centres in Greater Manchester, North East England and Yorkshire, East Midlands, and West Midlands. The network is continuing to grow ahead of schedule in response to the ongoing cybercrime risks for SME’s posed by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

BRIM is engaged by law enforcement in the UK to advise on establishing and developing Cyber Resilience Centres (CRCs) for business. The Cyber Resilience Centre network was due to establish 10 centres in full by Spring 2021, but the NCSC, part of GCHQ, has seen cybercrime spike rapidly during lockdown, with COVID-19 related scams putting critical supply chain businesses at risk. This has caused us to amend our roll-out schedule, shifting our primary focusing to communications and supporting the distribution of critical cyber security guidance from the National Cyber Security Centre.

Detective Superintendent Nick Bell, National Policing Director for Cyber Resilience Centres with the National Cybercrime Programme commented:

“We are seeing real momentum gather as each new centre goes live which is gaining attention nationally as well as regionally. South East Cyber Resilience Centre is providing significant interest and opportunities to support and protect the business community in this key region. This momentum is driving the programme change and providing a really exciting opportunity supporting business in this police, private sector and academia partnership.”

CRCs provide relevant regional resources and protection for regional businesses, third sector organisations and communities in the digital era. They create and implement proven solutions using trusted and best-practice information from law enforcement and government.

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