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Whatever business you’re in, these are strange and uncertain times. But however, as things unfold over the coming weeks and months, BRIM will continue to work with national Law Enforcement, NCSC and UK Cyber Resilience Centres to prioritise cyber risk management amongst SMEs in the critical services supply chain.

With millions of people suddenly having to work remotely, online networks and connections are under pressure and with this, unfortunately, comes a rise in cybercrime. It has been reported by NCSC that there has been an increase of 400% on Coronavirus-related fraud reports by mid-March with numbers continuing to increase. At this critical time SMEs need extra guidance and support, which is why the BRIM network of Cyber Resilience Centres continues to be rolled out as they are needed now more than ever.

BRIM is continuing to work alongside national Law Enforcement and UK Cyber Resilience Centres to guide SMEs in preparing for and taking precautions against cyber incidents. Your nearest CRC will offer NCSC approved guidance throughout the COVID-19 crisis, with support on:

· How to identify cybercrimes

· What action to take if they do occur

· Steps necessary to resolve, report and recover from the issue

If you would like to stay involved and updated, you can register with your nearest CRC from our BRIM network page here.

The contents of this website are provided for general information only and are not intended to replace specific professional advice relevant to your situation. To find out more, please click here.


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