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The list of big brands supporting the boards of National Cyber Resilience Centres 2021

With the ongoing roll out of a National Cyber Resilience Network (CRC Network) in the UK supported by BRIM, for NPCC and the Home Office, we’ve seen an impressive number of big brands stepping up to join the boards of these regional centres. From cyber-related companies to public, private and third sector organisations, an impressive array of brands recognised across the UK have engaged.

Why are they getting involved?

As COVID-19-related cybercrime escalates and puts already challenged SME’s at risk, big brands are dutifully supporting the establishment and growth of the Centres to help protect the national supply chain, their own supply chain and their own customers. They do this by sharing their own business acumen and providing funding support, to make the Cyber Resilience Centres sustainable for the longer term. It’s a sign Cyber Resilience Centres are here to stay.

Joanna Goddard, Director of Programmes for BRIM, said:

“The collaboration and pace at which the formation of Boards with big brand support is happening is quite anomalous. At a time when the nation is being asked to pull together to manage risk, business, Policing and academia are working at an accelerated pace to deliver this unique model to improve cyber resilience for sole traders, micro business and small business in particular.

I urge anyone in business who thinks they don’t need or can’t afford cyber risk management support to contact their nearest centre and request the core membership, which is free. Support from these big brands is making this affordable and much simpler to navigate what has become a complex marketplace for many small businesses. Trusted, independent Policing teams will work with you to help you.

If you can imagine lockdown without any funding support to keep your business viable, that’s what a cyber attack can be like. You simply can’t operate without access to your systems and files, banking or emails. A few simple steps can protect you, and monthly reports inform us targeting of small business and charities is rapidly rising.”

Who is getting involved?

The list of nationwide brands continues to grow in 2021 with some new additions;

· Accenture

· Bank of America

· Cantium Business Solutions

· Centric


· Deloitte

· DLA Piper

· Dominos



· Lloyds Banking Group

· Manchester Digital

· Marriott International

· MetCloud

· National Express Group

· NCC Group

· Neuways

· Northrop Grumman

· Orange

· Save The Children

· Siemens

· Thales

· The Children’s Society

Should your organisation be involved in a CRC Board?

Board members are currently (at time of publication March 2021) actively being sought in;

· South West England

· East of England

· Wales

· East Midlands

Please submit expressions of interest on our enquiry page and we will be delighted to talk with you.


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