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BRIM works in collaboration with the following agencies and is recognised and supported by UK law enforcement at national level:


  • UK Government

  • Scottish Government

  • Home Office

  • National Police Chiefs Council (NPCC)

  • City of London Police (CoLP)

  • Police Scotland


We provide;

  • Consultancy for scoping, design and implementation of security focused collaboration initiatives.

  • Best practice organisational models for Cyber Resilience Centres, including modular based set up resources that encompass;

    • Legal structure

    • Financial structure

    • Governance guidance

    • Growth frameworks

    • Impact excellence data analysis

    • Performance benchmarking

    • Stakeholder engagement strategy and gap analysis

    • Governance audits for established centres which supports performance and funding

    • UK policy development research and development intelligence

Below you can hear Founder of BRIM, Mandy Haeburn-Little, and the Influential Visions Podcast, discuss BRIM and our mission to establish 10 UK Cyber Resilience Centres during the pandemic. 

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