A conversation with Nick Bell, National Policing Director for Cyber Resilience Centres with the NPC

The Cyber Resilience Centre network works closely with police partnerships to bridge the gap between public and private sectors for tackling cyber security. To do this, it is essential to harness the experience and expertise of people within policing, like Nick Bell, Detective Superintendent and National Policing Director for Cyber Resilience Centres with the NPCC National Cybercrime Programme.

Nick has over 26 years of experience in policing and cybercrime, having joined the National Cybercrime Programme from the South East Regional Organised Crime Unit where he was Head of Regional Cyber Crime, Economic Crime and the ISO Accredited Digital Forensics Unit. He believes that CRCs play a key role in strengthening national cybersecurity through a network of trusted partners and our unique partnership with university students.

‘Trust and confidence is so important for business within cyber security.’ He said. ‘For me the ‘not for profit’ partnership delivers so many benefits and where SME’s can have that trust and confidence and where all profits are put back in for the greater good. I have worked with numerous partnerships previously and working with universities and the best student talent brings fresh energy and ideas.’

He explained why the partnership of CRCs, business, academia and police is such a strong proposition when it comes to tackling cybercrime:

‘This is a unique partnership with centres that are independently led but supported by policing. Working with private sector partners provides the opportunity to share knowledge and experience to gain a better understanding of the threat picture and the needs of the business community and how we can provide a better service to support their needs. The development of the CRCs allows future opportunities, for example to tackle the threat against OT which is equally vulnerable to attack.’

Nick is optimistic that this partnership model offers a chance to make positive changes for businesses and individuals nationwide and beyond:

‘I decided to go for this role as this area of work is new and innovative, the key strategic stakeholder relationships I manage across Team Cyber UK, the Home Office, policing, the private sector and academia allows me to bring those partners together and to drive national programme delivery. I know ‘making a difference’ is a cliché but this is a window of opportunity for policing and business and we have willing and engaged partners making a difference.’

You can read Nick’s full interview with IT Security Guru here.

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