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Cyber security mistakes – how many have your employees made?

Email security firm Tessian have reported that almost half of employees have made mistakes that posed a cyber security threat to themselves or the companies they work for.

Out of 2,000 people surveyed across the US and UK in April, 43% admitted that they’d done something that put their cyber security at risk, from clicking on a bad email link to sending an email to the wrong person.

Stress, tiredness and distraction were named as the biggest culprits for the mistakes, with more employees stating that they felt more distracted while working from home, suggesting that remote working could makes businesses more vulnerable to mistakes caused by human error.

No matter what size a business is, it can be a potential target for cyber criminals. This is why it’s crucial to have measures in place to deal with any issues that arise, whether that’s educating staff on identifying suspicious emails or establishing incident response guidelines in case of an attack.

At BRIM, we are currently to setting up regional Cyber Security Centres with Policing, supported by the Home Office, across the UK to help businesses of all sizes protect themselves as much as possible against cybercrime. From the latest guidance to access to training and ethical hackers who can help you identify weak areas in your business, CRCs are the first port of call when it comes to dealing with or preventing attacks.

You’ll find your closest CRC on our UK CRC Network page, so you can find out what services they offer and which membership option is right for you. Why not engage some ethical hacking to find out how many mistake are made and what you can do about it to ensure your customers, your data and your staff remain protected.

Read the full report by Tessian here.

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