NCSC’s Exercise in a Box Toolkit helps businesses test cyber resilience

Since last year, the National Cyber Security Centre has been rolling out their hugely successful ‘Exercise in a Box Toolkit’, a free online tool designed to help SMEs test their readiness for and resilience to cyber attacks. The resources are aimed primarily at SMEs, local government and the emergency services, but other private and public sector companies could benefit from using it, depending on their needs.

Their latest episode is the 10th in the series and is focused on reducing the risk of data compromise for employees who are working at home and has three key focus areas:

· How staff can safely access networks

· What services may be required for secure collaboration

· Which processes are in place to remotely manage any cyber incidents that arise

The exercises include scenarios based around ransomware attacks, losing devices and a simulated cyber attack, all designed to test an organisation’s cyber resilience responses. Staff members are also offered guidance on the processes and technical knowledge they might need to enhance their at-home cyber security practices.

Exercise in a Box is completely free and you don’t have to be an expert to use it. Simply create an account, choose your exercises and download the materials. You’ll receive tailored guidance on the courses that NCSC think are more applicable to you.

You can get started with Exercise in a Box on the NCSC website.

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