New Appointment of CRC National Policing Director

The National Police Chiefs Council has announced the new appointment of CRC National Policing Director. Detective Superintendent Nick Bell is the first National Policing Director to work with the Cyber Resilience Centres, from the Policing perspective.

Nick has a background within Team CyberUK (TCUK) with many years managing the cyber portfolio for the South East region. In recent weeks, Nick has begun working very closely with the planning for the CRCs the Team at BRIM, as we support the roll out of the new Cyber Resilient Centres as well as with Wendy Henderson and T/Detective Chief Superintendent Andrew Gould from the NPCC Cybercrime Programme perspective.

Nick will begin from the 1st of June, moving full time to the role by the beginning of July.

Nick’s role will be severalfold –

  • To work with the wider Cyber Policing network and National Cyber Security Centre to integrate the CRCs into TCUK

  • To work with the Cyber Protect National Coordinator to set clear roles and responsibilities and joint working between the CRCs and regional and force Protect Officers

  • To assist BRIM on the implementation of the Centres and

  • To work closely with and support the regional Police Leads for each of the Resilience Centres

Nick is a T/Detective Superintendent with 26 years policing experience in Thames Valley and South East Regional Organised Crime Unit (SEROCU). A career detective he has joined the National Cybercrime Programme from SEROCU where he was Head of Regional Cyber Crime, the Regional Economic Crime Unit and the ISO Accredited Digital Forensics Unit.

Nick has extensive experience as a Senior Investigating Officer in cyber and economic crime in leading complex cyber dependant and cyber enabled crime investigations, cryptocurrency, fraud, money laundering and confiscation investigations and also leading on the Protect, Prevent and Prepare response.

Nick commented

‘This is a really exciting and unique opportunity. Policing needs to reach out across partnerships and the CRC network brings together so much knowledge and experience across business, academia and the police to combat cybercrime and protect business. I am really looking forward to working with and supporting the Cyber Resilience Centre network and BRIM and our wide variety of stakeholders across England and Wales’.

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